Friday, December 2, 2011


I feel as if I am leaping into the unknown, trying to trust blindly where I will be falling. I do know that we have not been able to yet raise enough money for the library. For the time period we had which was roughly 3 weeks to raise these funds, I feel that everybody pulled through and I am so extremely thankful. We have approximately half of the money, and that will be excluding the racks and the inside extras. I will be meeting some contractors next week and take it from there. I will keep everybody updated as to what is happening. For those who have ordered t-shirts, I will let you know once it is all made. I was informed it should take around 2 weeks to have it done.
I wanted to thank everybody so much for being there and supporting all our efforts. I can assure you I will try my utmost to make it all happen. I don’t give up easily and it really is now in the hands of the universe as to what will happen. This year for those who have been walking this road with me, knows the blessings we have received, but also the obstacles we have been facing. But we have overcome them, and this is another hill we can climb together. Where to from here, I have no idea? I believe anything is possible, but I also know that what will be will be. Trusting in the universe is a big word, and we can only do our best. In the end none of this is for us, but planting a seed and making it grow to give opportunities to children and their children. Then all of these mountains can be moved. Never lose focus on the reason and the motivation, which can be hard as I have fallen many times myself. Live by example, speak what you mean, and believe in yourself! Miracles can happen. See you soon on the other side of the world.    

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