Friday, December 23, 2011

Freezing fingers and warm smiles

As I lie here, trying to keep myself warm, typing with freezing fingers, my mind has to think how blessed we are in our warm homes and every day comforts. We forget that there are so many people that are out there not having a place to lie down. At the moment he power has been cut more and there is maybe about four hours power at a time, twice a day. Showers are ice cold and there is no chance of any heat, I pretty much feel as if I am lying outside in the cold. But there is no other place I would rather be in this world and I will not change this for any amount of warm heat you can offer. How often do you go outside of your comfort zone, and do the things that you think you could not do. How I enjoy the taste of just a glass of boiled water, waiting for some power so I can make myself one, with my new bought strange looking kettle.
I went to the school today to do some art with the children as the are finished with their exams. Yesterday they asked when they could draw again. But with it only being me, I was only able to do 2 classes today. The classrooms were like ice boxes as there is no windows and the cold air just moves through there. The children kept on rubbing their hands together so they could paint and draw, so their fingers would not get stiff. We did some stencil drawings and some paint work. I feel so blessed to see their warm smiles even though they are so cold. I know each day more than ever that this is what I want to do with my life, how it will be possible I still do not know. To see even the most energetic and loud child become so quiet as he concentrates on keeping inside the lines. Seeing how children blossom as you put up their pictures in a grey bare classroom. Every time I took out a new stencil all I heard was oohs and ahhhs, Each marker they asked me what color it was as some colors were unknown to them. They loved the stickers as we ended up making cards. It takes such simple things to experience the beauty and innocence of a child, moments that are taken for granted in other parts of the world.

We have today started putting in the windows in the library/science lab. The work is progressing and I believe we should be finished with the renovations in a couple of days. We are shopping for furniture and science equipment and I cannot wait for it all to be a reality, as for so long it has been a vision in my mind. Thank you to all for all your support to bring color, reading and science back into a warm safe classroom. I pray this is he beginning of making each classroom as warm and safe as this one.
And Yeah...the lights just went on, time for a cup of hot water. Keep warm everybody. x
Thank you Shiou-Ling and the children for helping me sort out all the book donations on the rooftop.

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