Thursday, December 29, 2011

Words from a child.

The school term has come to an end and it is so hard for me to think I can most probably only see the children again in a years time. Each and every one has a special place in my heart and I am blessed to have had this time with them. As I left today one of the boys came running to me and handed me a picture they had made in the classroom. In one of the corners they wrote "I love you my friend" and then it said, "May you be happy always." These words from a child so young has such meaning. Is it not what we all want in our lives, to be happy always. And to hear a child write those words is a moment I will not forget easily. This month at the school has taught me so much. This school is such a special place, it creeps into our heart and makes you realise how happy children are, no matter what the circumstances are that they are in. They loved drawing and painting, and could not get enough. It was so hard for me to end each day to say the lesson is over. I think back at their runny noses, paint all over their fingers and beautiful smiles as they look for confirmation that I think their work is "ramro cha". "May you be happy always." What does those words mean to you. To many it is having the dream house, the nice car and a loving family. To others it means making it through each day, living each day with a smile, even if the school walls are bare and their is no color anywhere. Each and every one of us are looking for that eternal happiness in our lives. Some chase it forever, others just give up. What is happiness to you? Happiness is inside each of us, and we can only always be happy once we find that in our hearts to love ourselves and the find the joy in each and every moment. As I am lying here, my body aching, my stomach not too well, hot water feels like a distant memory, and I probably have been wearing these same clothes for quite a few days now. But I look back at the day  as I am truly blessed to learn these lessons from the children.
I am so excited to tell you that today we had shopped for the first color paint for the school. It took some convincing to change their minds that pink is not a color for the library. Color is coming to school and for me it is such a huge moment. Thinking back it was one of my biggest dreams, to color in the lives of the children at the school. And to see it all happening, makes all the hard work, tears and time worth it all. I am still shocked at all that we have accomplished and know that anything can be possible, no matter the odds.
Room before we finished painting.

Color color is here. New reading room in progress. Thank you Biju for  helping me choose the color at the painter.
And even better news is we might be able to have some light in the library, when there is power. We are discussing getting cables put in. The school asked if we could pay for the materials, they would be able to pay for the labor. This will be the first light in a classroom when it happens. I have to smile as I look around my room which looks more like a storage area than a room. I have library books stacked everywhere, school supplies I am trying to sort out and much needed art supplies all over. Thank you to you all for the donations of supplies and books. I am still trying to sort my way through it all.
Thank you to all for the donations!
"May you be happy always my friend."

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