Sunday, December 11, 2011

Plans change, and better ones are made.

After having a meeting with the school and because of the small budget we have, it has been decided that a better option would be to renovate one of the classrooms. We will utilize this room as a library and a science lab for the school. Both of these are very much needed and this is the only way that we will be able to provide it to the school. The children in the existing classroom will be moved to the new section of the school, which hopefully we can finish later in the year. We will be replacing the science and biology equipment, which is pretty much non existant at this point at the school, which makes teacing science and biology impossible.
Pictures of classroom we will be renovating
The new science lab/ library will be completely plastered which will include the roof, walls and floor (only touching up for floor). Because there is hardly any natural light in the calssroom and no electricity, we will break out some of the wall and add two big windows. We will close up the gap between the wall and ceiling by the entrance wall with another small long window and add a door to the classroom. Unforunately labour and materials are expensive and in total this work will cost us Rs 120 000. This will not leave us much for the rest that needs to be done. What we will then still need to do is paint the room and have new cabinites made for packing away the sciene and biology equipment, as well as a science lab table and desks for the children. We are working on sponsors for the library book shelving. The current cabinets are in really bad shape, but will have to do if we cannot find any doners for that.

This has been quite a story and a journey to get to this point and I am so excited that we are so close to making this happen. Work should commence within 2 days and I was informed it should take about 7 days to finish. We are still very much looking for any books that you are able to donate to the new libary, English or Nepal books. It will be so much appreciated. We will not be able to supply the furniture at this point and if anybody could assist with a small donation please contact me at Any help with be welcomed no matter how small it may seem to you.     

Life is full of surprises and how this one is busy turning out leaves me in wonderment. 

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