Saturday, November 26, 2011

Library funds and building contractors needed: wishlists.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. (Anatole France)
At this point I have been informed by the contractors that we had at the school that unfortunately they did not have any time to work on a small project at this time. I desperately need a contractor that is willing to work on this small project during December and January month. It has been a dream for a long time for the school to have a library set up for the children and we are so close to having it become a reality. This is really a work of love and if anybody in Kathmandu has any contacts they can refer me to. As you can see from the picture there is not too much work left. The school is about 10 minutes walk from Thamel, next to Raktakali temple.

We have been working on raising funds and we are half way there. If anybody would like to make a small contribution to the fund or purchase one of our t-shirts (picture below) for $20.00 or for 800 Rupees to our friends in Kathmandu. Please email me at Our Paypal address is I have complete faith that this is possible and we can provide the children with a place where they can read, get lost in the stories of others and expand their minds. None of this is possible without the help of each of you. I am so thankful for this journey and whatever happens is how it should be. Please do know that none of the donations is used to cover our expenses. I will be leaving soon, and we do not have much time left to get everything into place. I wanted to say thank you to everybody that has been there for me during this year and given me your support, love and encouragement. I am very thankful for all that has happened up till now.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book donations: what is the plan.

After speaking to a few of you and from the emails I was receiving it seems that everybody is still very keen on collecting books. I wanted to let everybody know that we will proceed with the collection. At this point I do not know yet if the books can go to Bhakta Vidyashram as it will depend on whether or not we can raise the funds to complete the new building. I should be receiving a quote within the next week hopefully and will update you on that. If for some reason the building cannot be completed this coming year, I can assure you that we will look at other schools and find a school that is in need of books for the children. This will be a very big book donation and I am so thankful to everybody that has made the effort to carry books over the ocean and those of you that has collected it in Kathmandu. We are looking for basic children’s books in Nepali or English. Also any type of dictionaries, or science magazines, world maps or educational posters. If anybody is travelling and have space for a few books please do bring it with. We have a drop off point in Thamel. We are also still very much in need of art and school supplies for the trip in January and for the art classes we plan to have around the valley in December. If there do any volunteers wanting to do some art classes please email me and we can all set a date to get together and work on an idea. Thank you again to all for making this possible. Any suggestions is welcome.
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Picture updates on the building

Thank you Akrum for sending me the updates on the school pictures. As you can see the building has halted and there is not too much work needed to complete the structures. I received a number of $4000.00. But if anybody knows a building contractor if they would be willing to go to the school and supply us with a complete estimate of what it would cost to finish this. At this point this is in an incomplete state and not a safe environment for the children. I have no experience in building work, but I truly believe that somebody can help. The school will have to apply the next fiscal year to see if the government can provide them with more funds, but there is no guarantee. This is not a safe environment for the children or the teachers to be in, and we cannot just turn away when things are so close to happening. Please join us on facebook
If anybody reading this has any ideas of how we can move forward do email me. At this point it will just stand like this if we dont assist them. And this new structure will just corrode like the rest of the school building. I truly believe that there is an answer out there and it is not impossible to provide a safe environment for the children. The money needed for this project is not impossible to raise. I was thinking to sell our new T-shirts with the logos for $20.00 each. If we sell 400 we will have enough money. I am up for the task are you?
"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it." - Buddha

Friday, November 4, 2011

Counting my blessings

What an amazingly crazy and emotional week this has been. I had wanted to write this story so that maybe any of you that are going through the same thing can know that we all are there sometimes. I am still a bit stunned at the amount of plans and situations that I felt came crashing down around me. And I was even more stunned at how one event can lead to another to change a serious of events. I know this does not make much sense, but I don’t really want to go into too many details. But my choice was my reaction to it all, I allowed myself to fall into such despair. But we all are human and sometimes we need to fall so that we can stand up stronger and appreciate it all even more so.
But I want to take this time also to thank each and every one of you that had written and phoned me. I do remember and treasure your words. Many of you I have not even met, but I feel so blessed to have you on this journey with me. Thank you all for being there.

Unfortunately I had overlooked what was beautiful and chose to cloud my mind. As you might know by now I am working with an amazing organization called COMMITTED to take art to the rural areas. They are a dedicated team that works so hard and are always there to arrange things, and give advice. I really feel so blessed to be working with all of you. Mr. Hada had sent me the program that he and the schools have been working on. I have added so that you can see all the work they are putting into making this a memorable trip for us as well as the children. Just add another 2 days extra as we will only be arriving back in Kathmandu January 17. After glancing over the program something caught my eye again and really struck a cord. Something that I have known since the beginning, but sometimes we need things to remind us again of our blessings. I realized how many meals the community will be partly sponsoring for us. And I realized how blessed we are, to be welcomed by the village into their schools. These communities are very poor as many of you know. And here they are sharing their food with us, sharing their hot tea, and giving from their heart. It made such a big impact on me at that moment that I was thinking, how can I allow other situations to cloud the most beautiful experience we are going to have. To those of you joining us, I am so very much looking forward to meeting you and those that cannot make it, hopefully our roads will cross soon. Please don’t let small things become big things and make you not see the most beautiful gift of all. People’s hearts.   
If anybody would like to make a small donation to this project as all funds will be used towards purchasing art supplies for the children, your help would be very much appreciated.
Program Schedule (8th January 2012-17th January, 2012)
8 January (Sunday):
7:00 a.m.                               Leave Kathmandu from Jorpati
11:00                                     Lunch at Melamchi Bazaar1
3:00 p.m.                               Arrive Thangpalkot
3:15                                        Introductions and Nepali Chiya (Tea)2
4:00                                        School Tour
4:30                                        Freshen/Rest
7:00                                        Dinner3 (Local Dal Bhaat Tarkari)
9 January (Monday)
8:00 a.m.                               Breakfast4
10:30                                     Art Class
12:30 p.m.                             Lunch5 (Local Dal Bhaat Tarkari)
1:30                                       Art Class
4:00                                       Day Wrap Up
5:00                                       Village Tour        
7:00                                       Dinner3 (Local Dal Bhaat Tarkari)
10 January (Tuesday)
8:00 a.m.                               Breakfast4
          Fresh Homemade Doughnuts, Omlette, Bread, Jam, Nepali Chiya
10:30                                     Art Class
12:30 p.m.                             Lunch5 (Local Dal Bhaat Tarkari)
1:30                                       Art Class
4:00                                        Day Wrap Up (Tea and Snacks)7
5:00                                        Village Tour        
7:00                                        Dinner3 (Local Dal Bhaat Tarkari)                                                                                                                                                  
11 January (Wednesday)
7:00 a.m.                                Breakfast4
8:30                                        Head to Kumbheswori Primary School, Gunshakot Village                     
9:30                                        Kumbheswori School Tour
10:00                                      Art Class
12:00                                      Lunch6
1:00                                        Art Class
4:00                                        Day Wrap Up (Tea and Snacks)7
5:00                                        Head Back to Base
7:00                                        Dinner3 (Local Dal Bhaat Tarkari)
12 January (Thursday)
7:00 a.m.                               Breakfast4
8:30                                       Head to Taltuleswori Primary School, Thangpalkot Village                    
9:30                                       Taltuleswori School Tour
10:00                                     Art Class
12:00 p.m.                             Lunch8
1:00                                       Art Class
4:00                                       Program Wrap Up (Tea and Snacks) 7  
5:00                                       Head Back to Base
7:00                                       Dinner 3 (Local Dal Bhaat Tarkari)                                            
13 January (Friday)
7:30 a.m.                               Breakfast4
8:30                                       Bhotang Village Hike         
12:30 p.m.                             Arrive Bhotang
1:00                                       Lunch 9 (at Bishal Tamang’s shop}
2:00                                       Local Tour
                                              Nepal prime minister in the early 20th Bhimsen Thapa’s House, it’s called            Haweli, Bhotang village,
                                              We can see Annapurna and Lakpa Gorje Mountains, Hills
5:00                                        Snacks and Tea   
8:00                                        Dinner 10 (at Bishal Tamang’s shop)
14 January (Saturday)
8:00 a.m.                                Breakfast 11
9:00                                        Thangpalkot Hike              
1:30 pm                                  Lunch5 (Local Dal Bhaat Tarkari)
3:00                                        Local Activities
5:00                                        Snacks and Tea 2 
8:00                                        Dinner3 (Local Dal Bhaat Tarkari)
15 January (Sunday)
6:30 a.m.                               Breakfast4
7:30                                       Leave Thangpalkot for Kathmandu
11:00                                     Lunch at Melamchi Bazaar1
3:00 p.m.                               Arrive Kathmandu
1-    Lunch to be borne by individuals
3, 5-  Lunch and Dinner charge per person Rs. 100, of which 50% will be borne by the school and rest by volunteers
4 - Breakfast charge per person xxxx, of which 50% will be borne by the school and rest by volunteers
6 – Lunch at Gunshakot xxxx
2, 7 – Tea & Snacks; Courtesy-Schools
8 - Lunch at Taltuleswori—Cost---yyyyyy
9, 10 Bishal Tamang’s Residence Cost ZZZZZ
11 – Breakfast at Bishal Tamang’s; Cost TTTTT

Art on the Road trip Jan 8-17 2012: Volunteer needed

We are planning to take art and crafts to the rural areas of Nepal in January month joining hands with COMMITED a Non-Profit based in Kathmandu. We will be visiting the Thangpalkot and Gunshakot Villages of Sindhupalchowk District. This is a road trip intended to expose art to the rural underprivileged children of Nepal. The plan is that we will leave on the 8th of January and return January 17th.The school has arranged accommodation close to their premises; you will just need to bring a sleep mat/mattress and sleeping bag. They have been so amazing and offered to subsidize our meals by 50%. COMMITTED has agreed that they will assist us with the bus fees. I can guarantee that this will be an amazing adventure for those of you that would like to experience the culture and spend some time with the children. You can also look at this link and see the projects COMMITTED are planning for this school. Please give them your support. .  
We will be visiting 3 schools which are approximately 20 minutes walk from each other. These schools are in the Sindhupalchowk District, and we will reach it by local bus. We will be organizing art and craft classes for the children. Our only request is that volunteers work on a few ideas for art and craft projects for the children and collect supplies for the art classes. No experience needed, but you have a love for children and have fun with colors. Please write me at and I can provide you with the program details. If you scroll down the page you will see a video that COMMITTED has made on the projects they have started in that area. It will give you an idea of where we will be travelling.  Join us on facebook   

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life’s Curve balls

Things change so quickly and then it is not so quickly as it has always been. Life just reveals itself to you when you need to know. I am pretty much on the last legs of having to wrap things up, and so I had thought. Life can make you smile and cry pretty much in the same moment. As you all know we have been working on setting things up for the library since April and have been collecting books and shelving. I received some news  which kind of made me stand still and wonder. The government had allocated a certain amount of money for the school to continue with the building of the library and extra class rooms, but as things went the money ran out before the structure had been completed. My thought was as understood the building would be done by the end of the year and we would hand over the books and cabinets/shelving and then start with plastering, as they had no funds for that. The plastering cost would not be that much and I was pretty sure we would be able to manage that for them. But I received word that they would need another $4000 to complete the classrooms and the library. So now I am very much at the “What now?” moment. Unfortunately there is no space left for placing the cabinets in the only two rooms that have doors on them. The universe always has a better plan than what we can think of or plans might have to go a different way than what we think. So curve balls can happen, when you least expect it, but then this is Kathmandu. For any of you that have ever tried to set anything up from abroad, you will know what I mean. So at this point I really have to regroup my thoughts and see what the alternatives are. Do I donate the books to another school or is there another answer to this question? What would you do in this situation? I just need to pick myself up and clear the cob webs. There is always an answer; sometimes it just takes some time for us to see it. 

But on another note, with the help of Manish we will be replacing all the biology and science equipment. I am also working on taking art to Bandipur. The date and details I will post soon as I know what is happening. I am working on some ideas with a friend to do a soap bubble blowing day on my birthday and a small event on Christmas day for the children in Kathmandu. Hopefully we can collect some funds to distribute wool hats and gloves as it is very cold and many of the children have no access to anything warm. And we will also be taking art to the rural areas when we leave on the trip January 8-18 with volunteers and COMMITTED. We are still very much collecting art and school supplies that we will use during the art projects as well as distribute amongst the children at the school.  If anybody has any ideas on doing a small event or an art project with children do contact me at