Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book donations: what is the plan.

After speaking to a few of you and from the emails I was receiving it seems that everybody is still very keen on collecting books. I wanted to let everybody know that we will proceed with the collection. At this point I do not know yet if the books can go to Bhakta Vidyashram as it will depend on whether or not we can raise the funds to complete the new building. I should be receiving a quote within the next week hopefully and will update you on that. If for some reason the building cannot be completed this coming year, I can assure you that we will look at other schools and find a school that is in need of books for the children. This will be a very big book donation and I am so thankful to everybody that has made the effort to carry books over the ocean and those of you that has collected it in Kathmandu. We are looking for basic children’s books in Nepali or English. Also any type of dictionaries, or science magazines, world maps or educational posters. If anybody is travelling and have space for a few books please do bring it with. We have a drop off point in Thamel. We are also still very much in need of art and school supplies for the trip in January and for the art classes we plan to have around the valley in December. If there do any volunteers wanting to do some art classes please email me and we can all set a date to get together and work on an idea. Thank you again to all for making this possible. Any suggestions is welcome.
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