Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life’s Curve balls

Things change so quickly and then it is not so quickly as it has always been. Life just reveals itself to you when you need to know. I am pretty much on the last legs of having to wrap things up, and so I had thought. Life can make you smile and cry pretty much in the same moment. As you all know we have been working on setting things up for the library since April and have been collecting books and shelving. I received some news  which kind of made me stand still and wonder. The government had allocated a certain amount of money for the school to continue with the building of the library and extra class rooms, but as things went the money ran out before the structure had been completed. My thought was as understood the building would be done by the end of the year and we would hand over the books and cabinets/shelving and then start with plastering, as they had no funds for that. The plastering cost would not be that much and I was pretty sure we would be able to manage that for them. But I received word that they would need another $4000 to complete the classrooms and the library. So now I am very much at the “What now?” moment. Unfortunately there is no space left for placing the cabinets in the only two rooms that have doors on them. The universe always has a better plan than what we can think of or plans might have to go a different way than what we think. So curve balls can happen, when you least expect it, but then this is Kathmandu. For any of you that have ever tried to set anything up from abroad, you will know what I mean. So at this point I really have to regroup my thoughts and see what the alternatives are. Do I donate the books to another school or is there another answer to this question? What would you do in this situation? I just need to pick myself up and clear the cob webs. There is always an answer; sometimes it just takes some time for us to see it. 

But on another note, with the help of Manish we will be replacing all the biology and science equipment. I am also working on taking art to Bandipur. The date and details I will post soon as I know what is happening. I am working on some ideas with a friend to do a soap bubble blowing day on my birthday and a small event on Christmas day for the children in Kathmandu. Hopefully we can collect some funds to distribute wool hats and gloves as it is very cold and many of the children have no access to anything warm. And we will also be taking art to the rural areas when we leave on the trip January 8-18 with volunteers and COMMITTED. We are still very much collecting art and school supplies that we will use during the art projects as well as distribute amongst the children at the school.  If anybody has any ideas on doing a small event or an art project with children do contact me at watersfromheaven@gmail.com.   

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