Monday, November 7, 2011

Picture updates on the building

Thank you Akrum for sending me the updates on the school pictures. As you can see the building has halted and there is not too much work needed to complete the structures. I received a number of $4000.00. But if anybody knows a building contractor if they would be willing to go to the school and supply us with a complete estimate of what it would cost to finish this. At this point this is in an incomplete state and not a safe environment for the children. I have no experience in building work, but I truly believe that somebody can help. The school will have to apply the next fiscal year to see if the government can provide them with more funds, but there is no guarantee. This is not a safe environment for the children or the teachers to be in, and we cannot just turn away when things are so close to happening. Please join us on facebook
If anybody reading this has any ideas of how we can move forward do email me. At this point it will just stand like this if we dont assist them. And this new structure will just corrode like the rest of the school building. I truly believe that there is an answer out there and it is not impossible to provide a safe environment for the children. The money needed for this project is not impossible to raise. I was thinking to sell our new T-shirts with the logos for $20.00 each. If we sell 400 we will have enough money. I am up for the task are you?
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