Friday, July 29, 2011

Dates are set for art trip to rural areas: Volunteers needed.

I have just received news that the Sri Raithane Secondary school at Thangpalkot Village of Sindhupalchowk District will be one of the first schools we will visit on the trip. Our plan is that we would leave on the 8th of January to the 18th.The school has offered us accommodation in one of their classrooms. And they have been so amazing and offered to subsidize our meals by 50%. COMMITTED has agreed that they will assist us with the bus fees. I need to add that you will be living under very basic conditions and it will be cold. But I can guarantee that this will be an amazing adventure for those of you that would like to experience the culture and spend some time with the children. Please do contact me at if you have any questions. Or join our facebook group at
You can also look at this link and see the projects COMMITTED are planning for this school. Please give them your support.
We will sleep in one of these classrooms.
Although one of the least developed, this district can be one of the finest tourist destination attracting both national and international tourists. The tourist places of this district include, Langtang Himal, Langtang National Park Jugal Himal, Panch Pokhari, Tato pani, and Gaurati Bhimeswor. People here depend entirely on agriculture for their survival. Since the district is geographically hilly, there are very less fertile land and the yield is very less. So, the lifestyle of people is not easy. This district is easily accessible from Kathmandu, but due to various reasons, it is not well developed, and is called as a remote district. 

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