Thursday, July 28, 2011

Would you give your shoes?

What a day it has been. Such a roller coaster, but so beautifully is it unveiled. I had gone for a walk this afternoon as it is a time for me to recharge and get in touch with what is going on in my head. I usually go for about an 8 mile walk in a park close to our house. Those of you that know Houston know it is about 92 degrees, but it kind of cleanses me by the time I return.

To give a picture of the park, there is a gravel/stone walking path and you can see from there a neatly tarred pathway. Your choice as to which one you want to walk. Today I decided to walk the stone path, and while I was walking it I had this vision in my head. Please note this is only a vision. I looked at the nicely paved road on the other side and I was wondering, why I am I walking here on this stone road. Why am I walking on the side where nobody is walking? I felt so completely alone at that moment. And I thought "stop stop,can somebody please give me some shoes so that my feet does not get so hurt if this is the path I need to walk." Why am I walking without shoes on the difficult road? Why did I not choose the easy way on the other side?

And at that moment I had a flash of a time a couple of years back. How amazing is the universe in showing you its messages. I had gone with a few friends to a trance party that was out in the mountains. We had to park the car at the foot of the mountain and we had a bit of a trek until we reached an open area where the party was held. We decided to walk a bit further until we found a space where we could pitch our tent. On the Sunday afternoon, I decided to go and lie down in the tent and left my shoes outside. Around 5:00 PM, at least close to it getting dark, my friends came to call me so that we could pack up. When I got out of the tent I had realized that my shoes were gone, and we came to the conclusion that somebody needed the shoes as they must have lost theirs or maybe thought it was theirs. Not sure what happened there. So now we had to start thinking of how I was going to get back to the car. It was getting dark, the road back was thorny and stony, rocky and pretty impossible to walk all the way back bare feet. It would not be possible for anybody to even carry me as we had so much gear to carry back and the road was pretty long. So my dear friend Stelios said that I should wait a minute and he will be back. Not long after he returned and he had a pair of shoes in his hand. And amazing it was my size. He had spoken to some girls and somebody had given the shoes as they were able to bring their car pretty close and she did not need them. I never knew who they were and every time I wore the shoes after that I would always tell the story. Then one day I was telling this to Netti, a girl I had met a little while after that. I had the shoes on and told her how grateful I was for those shoes. I wore them actually until they eventually broke and could not be fixed. She smiled and said that it was her best friend’s shoes. She was with her friend and they camped just a few meters away from us. I was so touched by that gesture and wore those shoes with such pride. Sometime after that Netti and I ended up on the journey to Nepal together. I do love you guys….
And I realized that I need not feel alone as the universe will always provide. It will know what we need before we even ask for it. And thank you to the universe for always knowing our hearts. 

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