Friday, July 22, 2011

Art on the road is moving forward: Any volunteers want to join in January?

Great news everybody! Slowly but surely our vision for this project is coming together. We are joining hands with a non-profit organization called COMMITED They have been doing work in the rural areas of Nepal and we will be visiting a few of their schools. COMMITTED is currently undertaking a project to extend the Sri Raithane School to include grades 11 and 12, as currently the children have to walk 2 hrs to reach that school. By completing the additional classrooms they will only have a 2 minute walk to school and give the children the opportunity to complete High School. Please support their efforts and donate at .

We will be visiting 3 schools which are approximately 20 minutes walk from each other. Depending on the number of volunteers and the amount of art and craft supplies we can collect, will determine how many children we can involve. These schools are in the Sindhupalchowk District, and we will reach it by local bus. The dates are still being determined and discussed with the schools, but we plan to visit them during January month. I will post dates as soon as I hear word. The community has been so amazing and offered the volunteers that are joining on this project free accommodation in their homes. Your only expense would be food, which we can arrange with the community. But the cost for that would be minimal. I do have to ad that it is a very cold time of the year, and there will be no hot showers, western toilets or comfy beds. We will live with the community and eat the local food. This is a great opportunity for people to experience the Nepali culture and at the same time work with the children at the school. We will be organizing art and craft classes and outdoor activities with the schools. My dream is to bring color and imagination into the classrooms, to give each child the chance to dream. I am currently working on collecting art from other parts of the world and have been approaching schools to hear if they would want to be a part in the art exchange program. You do not have to be an artist to volunteer, as I myself am not one. Love for the children and everything colorful is very important. I have added a few pictures from the area to give you a better idea of where we will be going. Do email me for more details at

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