Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can we change the future of even just one child?

Learning a new song in class
As you might know by now I will be in Kathmandu for December and January month, working on a few projects at the school. During my last visit to Bhakta Vidyashram a request was made by the teachers to ask us if we would be able to raise sponsorship for the children’s school fees. Unfortunately many of the children are in the position that their parents cannot afford to pay the school fees required for them to stay in school. They leave school at a young age, because there are no funds for uniforms, school supplies or any of the other necessary items they need for school. In Nepal, education is not compulsory and many of the children are taken out of school to start working at a very young age. My hope is that we can change things for the children and allow them to complete their education, giving them a better future. I am planning on my visit at the end of the year to interview children as well as their parents make a determination as to those who are the most in need. The school fee per year for the younger children is just under $5.00 and the older children just under $10.00 depending on the exchange rate. If anybody would like to sponsor a child I can vouch that this money would go straight to the children’s school fees. As you have read before, we don’t use any of the donations to pay for our expenses, flight tickets or administration fees. These cost we carry ourselves and all donations go straight to each individual project. If anybody is interested in assisting with sponsoring a child, you could also choose to assist with school supplies for the sponsored child or maybe a school uniform. I would shop for these items myself during my visit and supply you with the necessary receipts as determined. During the winter months it gets extremely cold in the classrooms and I was hoping to maybe be able to purchase some shoes, gloves or a hat for the sponsored children, depending on the need and also as per your request. On our last visit we were only able to donate 67 backpacks, but many of the children are still without back packs. There are currently only about 150 children at the school, and the numbers are slowly dwindling because of the state of the school and the cost of keeping the children in school. I truly hope that somehow we will be able to assist the children in continuing their education. And without your help I cannot do any of this.  Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time by reading these words :}.    

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