Sunday, August 14, 2011

A question of time??

I have to ask you this question. Is everything black and white to you or do you believe in the spaces in between? Do you live by what others say is the truth or do you question life and live by your own truth, no matter how crazy it might seem to others? Or do you dream of living your truth and are caught up in a bubble where you feel there is no turning back?

My mind is always questioning, trying to find my own answers and finding my own truth. But I do feel that sometimes we get caught up in life and others truths, not seeing beyond and forgetting about the in-betweens. Time is one of those things that make us run, struggle and something we cannot turn back. It only goes forward. But sometimes time is on your side and other times you never even see it coming. When I was younger I started questioning the concept of time. What makes us hate and love it so? Is it something with a mind of its own? For me time started having a personality, a wisdom, a life. Is it a healer, as time heals all pain it is said by everyone? Have you ever looked at the clock and counted how long one minute is? Turn your head away and look at how it speeds up. I used to believe time plays tricks, it can speed itself up when you are not looking and sometimes make a day turn into 2, or cut it in half. Time is so important and we forgot to live in the now, forget about using each minute that time gives us to live what we believe in. Once that minute is over it is gone forever. But where does it go, to the spaces in between I ask? How long is five minutes for a child sitting in a corner? How long is five minutes for you? A blink of an eye for us. So what is time, how long is one minute, and who is right? That is where imagination comes in. That is what WatersFromHeaven is all about. To let children use their imagination, find their own truths and see that there can be spaces in between, where there are other choices to live by.
So that brings me back full circle to how much time we have left until this trip. Three and a half months. It is going by so quickly and sometimes so slow.  Up until this point I have not been able to collect any cash donations for the art program. So I have to ask when I look at time, should I feel concerned or do I keep my faith that it will all work out. The one thing I do know is that it will be as it should. I do stand with a foot in each emotion, like skipping back and forth, human nature I guess. Part of the donations will be used to purchase 600 sheets of craft paper amongst other things. None of the funds donated will be used towards our own expenses and we are not asking volunteers for any fees. I am sure most of you have been asked so many times for donations, and for me it is has not been easy to become humble and ask for your help. But it is a journey, and I have to learn and grow from this experience. COMMITTED is a nonprofit with whom we are collaborating on this art project. This is the link that you could use if you are able to make any donations to the program. $5.00 is able to stretch very far in Nepal and your assistance would make such a difference. 

 Your donation will be tax deductible, please email me at after you donate and send me the details. Thank you so much in advance! 


  1. I will be travelling to Nepal in October and I hope to drop some of these things off when I visit! Great to hear about people like you who are trying so hard to make a difference!

  2. Dear Kate
    Thank you so much for your help. Do email me at, then I can send you directions. Thanks again so much.