Wednesday, April 6, 2011

“This is my home, where’s yours?”

“This is my home, where’s yours?” I walked into one of the classrooms that were empty as school was out for the day. These words were written on the class room board. “This is my home, where’s yours?” Strangely enough every time I think of the school this image comes into my mind. These few words have made such an impact on me, just like so many other experiences I have written to you about. Just has me thinking, for so many of these children this is their home, this is where they spend most of their time. Many of these children do not have a home to call their own, this school represents that to them. This is where children should feel safe, where they should be cared for, loved and where they should receive an education. This is our obligation as adults to make these things possible to all children of the world. This school has been left behind and most nothing if anything has changed for over forty years. These children are not in a safe environment as the building is not structurally safe for them. The teachers do not have the teaching equipment to even teach the children science. There is no safe drinking water at the school and not even a few English books that they could read. This is their home, this is their reality. This is where they sit in the classrooms each day exposed to the elements as there are no doors, not even windows. Could we blame them for not wanting to go to school, could we blame them for thinking that school is not important. This is their home, where‘s yours?
At this point I have no idea how we are going to raise the funds or even how to raise it. I have met an amazing group of young people in Kathmandu on my last few days in the city. They are all working so hard on setting up plans for what we need to do. I feel truly blessed to have them by my side. We have a wish list of things we would want to do for these children, and one by one we hope to mark them as completed. But we do need your help to make this possible……..

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