Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can we spark an interest in Science and Biology again?

The school has requested that we assist them with science and biology teaching aids. They have supplied us with a list of the items that is needed. At this point it is impossible for them to visually teach and show the children experiments or even just simple things as to for example how the eye works.  Most of everything they have in the school is broken or not usable because of age deterioration.  As you can see from the pictures that I have added. I can only imagine how difficult it is for the children to understand the book knowledge without seeing it in practice or even just shown on a chart. I had never imagined that a school could teach under these conditions. They supplied us with the children’s examination results, and it exceeded my expectations. These are children that are motivated to learn, no matter how difficult the situation might be. There were very few children that failed and most did very well. Our goal is to supply the school with this much needed equipment so that there can be a renewed interest in these subjects which many of us loved and found fascination. We have volunteers that are currently working on finding all the equipment that is needed and we are looking at a budget of Rupees 50 000 for everything approximately $714. I truly do hope that we can move this mountain and make this possible. My dream would be that each and every child could finish school, and not be taken out of school due to lack of facilities and no educational materials. At this point the number of children graduating is around 10. Can we change their future? Please email me if you could assist in any way, we always need helping hands and ideas. Our email address is the same as the PayPal address

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