Saturday, April 9, 2011

Basketballs and game time funds needed

The school grounds is the first section. The temple grounds (furthest) are also used by the children to play on.
Namaste everyone. As you might have read on a previous post, I had written about the need for sports equipment at the school. After a meeting with the school they had shown a big interest in having a basket ball for the children. As I had mentioned they only have two footballs at this point which had been donated. The school had pointed out a place where the hoop could be fitted. The children have not had the opportunity to play with a proper basket ball and ring. They do not have a proper court or too much space available, but they would use the space they have. It can bring so much excitement to the children, as for them each day has pretty much been the same. We have priced the equipment, the price of the ring is Rupees 800 (+-$11.50), the net Rupees 150(+- $2.15) and there are rubber balls for Rupees 675 (+-$10.00), not too sure about the quality, there are better quality basketballs available for Rupees 1025 each (+-$15.00). For a total of around $28.00 (hopefully we can negotiate a better price) we will be able to make such a change in their day. I am not one for approaching people directly for funds, as this is still new to me and I do not know too many people in Houston. But if anybody is willing to donate a few dollars it will be so much appreciated. None of these funds will go to our pocket and everything will go directly to the school.

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