Saturday, April 16, 2011

Step by Step

I have been so excited about all the amazing things that have been happening and thankful for all the hard work behind the scenes from everybody. Nepal had just celebrated New Years and is getting ready for the new school year which will be starting tomorrow. Our two new volunteers will also be starting their first day at school. I am happy to report back that we had received donations for the sports equipment. Magdalena and Bhesh Raj have been shopping for cricket set with balls and stumps, a volleyball, 4 badminton rackets, some shuttlecocks and a long skipping rope. The school has allocated a spot to put up the basket ball ring. I can only imagine how much fun the children are going to have with all the new games. We also received a donation of 150 metal 1 liter water bottles for the children. With these bottles they will be able to transport boiled water to school or collect water at other water spots. We are arranging a handover next week, and I am so sorry to miss the occasion. We will be posting pictures and updates for everybody to share the day with us. We are currently planning and working on another project for the school. The school has no science equipment to teach science and biology to the children. They have supplied us with a list of equipment that is needed and our volunteers have been scouting for prices. The estimated cost is around Rupees 50 000, (+-$714) for everything. This would make such a big difference in how the children are taught as they cannot do any experiments at this point. If anybody could assist us with a small donation it would be greatly appreciated. Step by Step we hope to change the school into a place where children would want to come to learn.
Current state of science and biology equipment!

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