Monday, March 28, 2011

Foot balls and break time

I am actually a bit late in adding these pictures. When we first arrived at the school we had noticed that the children were kicking around a plank and using it as a football. Some children were using an old frayed string as a skipping rope. We realized that the school had no balls, bats or items that the children can use for group activities during break time. After discussing it with Nicole we decided that she would go halves with us on purchasing two balls and a pump for the school. We negotiated a price of 1500 rupees for all three items. (For those who do not know it is about 71 rupees to $1.00.) On our return at a later date I was so excited to see that the teacher had taken the children outside and they were playing a game together as a group. As children we so often take even just these basic items as a given, and we always had something to play with. Here they used whichever items were available and still they had so much fun, laughing and smiling even if it was only just a plank. During our visits to this school not once did I ever hear any child complain, or ask anything from us. They only wanted to give us their smiles and love. How much can they teach us and here we are thinking we are the teachers.
I am thinking of adding more items to the collection like maybe a cricket bat, basket ball and some skipping ropes. If anybody would like to assist us so that we can make this possible, please do send me an email to We have also set up a paypal address for donations using the same email address. We only need to do small little things like this and it can change an entire day for these children. On the last visit to the school it was with so much joy that we entered the classroom and saw the children using the coloring pencils and crayons. With your gifts you have added the color to their day, as we had hoped too. Would it be possible to add some more fun to their play time?  

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