Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh Kathmandu, Oh Kathmandu

We arrived today back in the city after an 8 hour trip from Pokhara. Despite a few hairsplitting moments, the entire bus and passengers arrived safely. Sitting here writing this blog so many thoughts go through my mind. This journey from the beginning has had so many ups and downs, some days more than others, but it always seems to bounce back up again. Questions I have had, issues that needed solving, prayers that has been answered, and amazing stories, plus sore feet from all the walking. As you read on my previous post, my big question has been how to keep in contact with the school? I had thought the volunteers would be the answer, but I also knew they would move on and then I would not know what to do from there. I had hoped that somehow we would meet a contact here in Kathmandu, somebody that shared the same commitment as we do and had the time available. During this visit it has been one of my biggest questions, as nobody had the time to commit. But quietly in the background there was somebody that was working just as hard as us during our arrangements with the school. One of the staff members at the place where we are staying was always ready to sort the supplies, take us shopping for buying the supplies, taking messages, carrying packages and ready to give advice when we needed it. Bhesh Raj told us of how he was helping one of the children at the school in his village with school supplies. He said he was planning on doing it for the entire classroom and it would cost him 6000 rupees, if he saved and did not spend his money. I knew we needed somebody that could meet with the volunteers, introduce them to the school, and coordinate our messages. I had spoken to Greg today on the bus about asking Bhesh Raj if he would be willing to help us with the program. And before we could suggest it to him today, he made the suggestion. We are so very happy to have him helping us. We would need to arrange to get him a laptop. We know of somebody that will be coming here in April and we have an old laptop we can give him.  The only thing is that it needs a new hard drive that we think might cost around $100.00 to fix. If anybody has an old laptop to donate that we could give to him instead of having him fix this one please do let me know.
We will start working on the program tomorrow with ideas and then we will have a meeting with the school to discuss it with them. At this point the water as well as the school building project is still an uncertainty. I believe things will become clearer as time moves on.
Bhesh Raj

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