Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Where there is color there is hope."

Somebody said the other day that “Faith is the absence of sense.” And I am not meaning religion now, I mean when you believe in something, no matter how crazy it may seem. These words stuck by me for quite a few days now and I realize how true it is. When I started writing the blog most of what I believed could happen made no sense in how it would happen. Even now when I look at my dream for the year to come, I have no idea how we can do any of this. But I know with absolute certainty that it all can be possible.
We were thinking of a slogan that would describe what WatersFromHeaven stands for and something that we could all identify with. We decided on “Where there is color there is hope.” Bringing color into the schools has been my dream from the beginning. I believe that when you start dreaming in colors, anything in the world can be possible and hope can be alive.
When we were on the Art trip, we walked by so many children sitting on a heap of stone, breaking up stones as their daily job. For them there was no school, and they were covered in dust and dirt. Some as young as 6 or 7 years old. The only thing I had with me that I could share as we walked along was sheets of stickers, round colorful ones. They did not know stickers, but called it Tikka when I would reach out to them. The smiles that lit up from them when putting such a small dot of color on their hand or cheek, is moments you cannot forget. Color is the one connecting thing we can share; it is such a simple joy that needs no language or explanation.  
Now here comes the,” it still makes no sense moment.” I have no idea how and when I will be able to return as I will have to save up some funds. I have no training in art or teaching, but all you need is passion and a believe in what you do, to make it happen. But I have faith that we will find the right people to assist and that we will be able to work with even more children. The one thing that I was asked on the previous trip by the teachers at the schools we visited was if there was a possibility of providing them with training so that they can do art projects with the children. I know now that it is important for us to include training in the next trip, as that way we can allow the teachers to do art and craft projects with the children when we leave. Doing simple and easy things that require little supplies, items they can easily find. At this point I have no idea of the how and when. But if there is anybody that would like to contact me about a future trip please write me at watersfromheaven@gmail.com. Or if you could assist with fundraising ideas I will so much appreciate any feedback.
This little girl was sitting on the wall watching the others do art. With lots of couching she eventually picked up a crayon to draw.
Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing

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