Thursday, February 2, 2012

Renovation updates at Bhakta Vidyashram January 2012

One of the teachers from the school donated funds to renovate the steps at the school. Thank you so much!
 This is a picture of the old classroom before it was renovated into a reading room and Science Lab.
                                                   New reading room for the children.

                                                           Old science equipment at school.
New science room. The school received new science/biology and physics equipment, whiteboard and student chairs to the value of  $ 950.00. Thank you Manish for your hard work towards this project. Learning will be fun again!
      New classroom renovated for Grade 1's as they had school outside. Including door and windows. 
The exterior walls of the school before renovation.

With the donations we were able to plaster the classroom exterior next to the gate. One of the teachers donated Rs23 000 to plaster the top exterior wall of the school.
The Alumni students from Bhakta Vidayshram had a music fundraising evening with Anil Shahi. We were able to raise over Rs 200 000 at this event. Thank you to everybody that assisted and donated to this beautiful evening. These funds will be used to renovate the roof and another 2 classrooms that are on the top floor. These renovations will start in April during the school break and the Alumni students had organized a committee that will be responsible for this project.
I wanted to thank Alice for raising Rs 110 000 in Hong Kong at a fundraising event she organized which was donated to the building project at Bhakta Vidyashram and used towards the renovation of the 2 classrooms. With the assistance of Corinna and Emily, Alice numbered and categorized the books in the library.
I also wanted to thank Mr and Mrs Shaik from South Africa, Biju, Bhesh Ram, Dina, Dave, Cica, Delima Gardens, Manish from NAH, everybody that bought Tshirts as well as the  Alumni Association of Siddhartha Vanasthali. There are so many people that helped me, that I wish I could name all your names here. Thank you again! Without your help none of this could have been done for the school.
As I had said so many times before, I never imagined that all of this could be done in less than one year. I am so grateful and thankful to be a part of such a beautiful project. The Engineer said on our visit last March that within 2 years this building would became too dangerous for the children and predicted a possible collapse. We have one year left to save the walls of this school. 
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