Friday, February 10, 2012

English teachers needed in Kathmandu: No fees charged

School is back in session for the new term! I wanted to thank all the volunteers that have worked at Bhakta Vidyashram this last year. Your presence, love and dedication made a huge impact and difference. I wanted to give some information to any volunteers that were thinking of helping out at the school.
After a discussion with the school, it was asked that volunteers stay a minimum of at least 2 weeks. We found that it took a few days for the children to get to know the teacher and also for the volunteer to find their feet at the school. Unfortunately we cannot provide any free lodging, but I have an agreement with a guest house close by for Rs 450 per night. This price would be subject to change depending on rising costs in Nepal.
Room at guest house.
Bhakta Vidyashram is within walking distance of Thamel, maybe 10 minutes. School runs from Sunday to Thursday 10 AM - 4 PM and till 12 PM on Fridays. Volunteers can choose the hours they would be available.     
We have recently opened a reading room at the school, and we are hoping volunteers could encourage reading and maybe have story times etc at the school. If anybody has any children’s books they would love to donate, it will be so much appreciated.

The dates for school are as follows: Mar 25 – April 03 Annual examination. New school term will begin April 15. I will be receiving the new term dates when school reopens in April as it is the beginning of their school year then. But if you are needing dates before that I can provide last years dates as a guideline.
We are working on plans to do another Art on the Road trip later in the year. Please write me and I could add you to the mailing list if you were interested in joining. My email is Please join us on Facebook

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