Monday, August 26, 2013

In a nutshell....our mission

WatersFromHeaven (WFH), a small grassroots organization, founded in Houston three years ago that works with small schools in rural communities to promote art in the remote areas of Nepal. The majority of schools in the villages do not have the necessary funds and access to trained teachers that are the prime barriers for allowing art to be in the school curriculum. However, WFH strongly believes that art is the path to one’s creative mind and heart. Our mission with the free art classes is to bring color into the classrooms and hand children the opportunity to express their creativity through simple and easy art activities. In addition, the workshops also assist teachers to improve their teaching methods and learn using basic and recyclable materials in the classrooms, making art accessible and affordable for everybody.

The project is called “Where there is color there is Hope,” because we believe that art can uplift your spirits and transform any moment into a colorful experience. We have already completed three successful trips, and will be soon leaving on an eight- month trip in September 2013. We will be drawing, painting, creating, and smiling and so on in Letang, which lies in the Morang district of Nepal. We are always trying to come up with new ideas with the workshops we do. Every year different participating artists have been able to bring the variety in WFH’s works. In Letang, free art and training workshops for teachers in the classrooms and nurseries will be setup. We have recruited 18 teachers and artists from all over the world to join on this project. Artists are not charged any fees for joining and all the expenses are shared. We been collecting art materials for the project and travelers have dropped off supplies and we will be taking the rest with us. Please, do visit us at our Facebook page for updates

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