Friday, August 30, 2013

Finding my way.

I had gone through most of my life looking for something, trying to find what it is that was missing. I knew there was something in my soul that was yearning, but I looked everywhere and in the end, I found it in myself. The one place I was the most scared to look, as I never believed that what was inside of me is what my soul needed, for me to love myself.  When I started WatersFromHeaven I had no idea exactly what it was that I wanted to do. We did renovations, library, science lab, school supplies, but during the time I was doing this on the side, I would just draw with the children. And somehow this activity became a part of my heart when I saw the absolute joy that something so simple could bring to a child. I realized that it does not take big works to bring happiness and make a change in the world. All it takes is giving of yourself freely, without any conditions. I never thought that I had anything to share that came from within as I did not feel that I was trained, had any experience, did not really like who I became or any of the things I believed I would need if I wanted to do something meaningful. But the one thing that I knew I had was to be a survivor and to not give up. As a child I had to do that and looking back now, I am thankful for all the experiences that made me into who I am today. We all look for our passion and so many times I looked at those that lived with passion and their dreams and I felt that it could never be me. But standing on the brink of leaving soon, not knowing exactly what the future holds or where it will lead, I know that I found my passion. My passion is loving who I am and loving what I do. Yes, fear is there, because it is something that is a part of us as humans. But I am learning how to deal with it in a way that is not making my body react in a way that makes me ill. I am not perfect, but I know that each of us are special and we can all make a change starting with ourselves. And yes I do want happiness and I want to share that joy with those of you that walk this road with me, pass by, or if we even just share a smile. I am still stunned at the amount of support this project has received, as WatersFromHeaven is not run by a big team of people, but by strangers and friends that have been there through this all. As this is not just my journey, but I believe, we each have our own journey and somehow it all comes together in the end. Nothing happens by accident, nothing happens without reason, as everything has meaning even in the worst possible situations. I wanted to thank so so many of you that have believed in what this project stands for and the reason for us doing this. You all have a part of the spirit of what is possible in the world. Don’t give up on your dreams! 

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  1. I really appreciate You, your work. I became your fan..Hats off to you for your enthusiasm...

    Yes You are right..We must be optimistic & should not give up our dreams...