Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things can change for the children!

Alice had just returned from her trip to Nepal and had visited the school. I am so thankful as she was able to carry 50 books in her luggage! Thank you so much Alice. She will also be joining us on the art on the road trip and we will meet up with her in January. This is one of the classroom pictures that she had taken on her visit. As you can see the conditions are very much deteriorating at the school. The classrooms are very dark and cold. When I think back on my first visit to the school in February, I told my husband I have no idea how we will be able to complete such a huge task. It seemed so impossible when looking at the conditions. But I know that with the help of people like Alice, we can change this world for the children, make it safe for them. Where school can be fun and learning becomes a priority again. Thank you to everybody that has sent me emails over these last months. Please help us make the impossible become possible! If anybody is able to make a small donation it will make such a huge difference. Do email me at or join us on facebook.
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