Sunday, October 2, 2011

And so the story changes....

After my first visit to the school I had written that it was a school where time stood still, a forgotten place. Now the story is changing and it will become a school where the children have not been forgotten, where there is hope and dreams are alive. The only thing that has never changed was as I had stated in the heading of the blog is, “The story of a school and how it changed our lives.” I do know that each and every one of you/us that have been involved thus far has been touched by these beautiful children in some way. None of us can walk away from their smiles, their positive attitude and their willingness to learn even though they have the odds stacked against them, without a memory that will last a long time. I look at the children and they are the ones that inspire us to want to change the way we view the world and our lives. To give back in a small way.
But we are still working all the way towards getting a library set up for the children. It is their dream and not an impossible one to make a reality. We are desperately looking for children’s books; it can be Nepali or English. There is no preference, and used is perfect. If anybody is in the position to bring a few books in their baggage or if you can collect books amongst your friends in Kathmandu, please let me know. We have a drop off point in Thamel. We are also in need planks so that we can build these cabinets and shelves, or if you have any cabinets in your home which you would like to donate it will be so much appreciated. Please email me at View our slideshow

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