Thursday, February 24, 2011

Art in action

Wikki stix art.

I went out early in the chilled air to find a shop that had some bars or nuts for sale. Greg had a really bad night with his stomach, but it seems much better now. The air is really crisp and clear so early, the only time of the day that it is quiet and not dusty outside. Street children are gathered around the door of the shop asking for food, barely clothed, but still children, in need of love like the rest of us. We did our first art class yesterday. We decided on doing the wiki stix and they had given us two groups in total of about 22 children. How much fun was it for us all. We gave a picture that they had to connect the dots and then they would color in the dinosaur shape, adding the wiki stix on the outlines. Greg and Oliver ended having more fun coloring in and sticking the stix. Four teachers also eventually joined us and ended up making shapes from the wiki stix and we decorated the wall with all the shapes they made. It went a bit slow in the beginning as they only wanted to stay with one color. But once the children realized they could mix and match colors and draw shapes on the dinosaurs it took on an entire new adventure for them. Our lesson was over so quickly and we took pictures with everybody’s art. Seeing them smile and light up was the best reward ever. It made everything worthwhile, and I feel blessed to have had this experience. After we returned I went shopping in the local market looking for some math sets for the children to use in class. It was a long walk through dusty roads and side streets, but was able to find 60 sets for the children Yeah! We also met with an engineer to see if it would be possible to do the water tank at the school. The children have no drinking water and we hope that we can do something about it. For now it looks like our budget will not be enough to complete the tanks as we had hoped. The system with the filter to collect the monsoon water would be too costly at this point. We might only be able to find a way in which to purify the water from the underground source, which was not our preferred method of doing it. We will know on Friday if it will be affordable and possible.  

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