Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another day of fun

Painting masks.
Greg and Nicole have been feeling a bit sick, so Oliver and I headed off to the school with all the extra art supplies as well as some ideas. It was lunch time when we arrived and we ended up taking a seat on one of the benches, waiting for class. We had decided on painting masks using paper plates and extra paints we had. Not long after we had a crowd of children gathered around us. We decided to use the time to play some English language activities, which was quite fun. The children all played along; counting and spelling words they knew. All those little smiley faces and runny noses brightened up my day. When everybody returned from break we headed off to the classroom and art in action began. It took some time for the children to unleash their creativity, but once they did everybody joined in. A few children were still hesitant and did not know what to paint, but after they saw what the other children were doing they quickly added their own personal touches. Children had paint going everywhere, brushes, markers and crayons were used, in every color. We ended up having a two hour lesson instead of 45 minutes. The children ended up redoing their masks after they had some new ideas, and we had enough paper plates for each child to do as many as they wanted to. Every minute spent is so rewarding, seeing how excited they get and how the shyness disappears, how proud they are of their work, looking for acknowledgement that they did well. I am just as excited as they are for what the day will bring. See you tomorrow everybody!

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