Saturday, April 27, 2013

Art and Craft items needed for free art workshops in Nepal.

I was wondering if anybody travelling to Nepal had a small space in their back packs to take art supplies to Nepal. I am trying to collect enough supplies for the 9 months we will be there giving free art workshops, but am looking for any items you have in your drawers that is not being used anymore (it does not have to be new), that we can use for crafts and arts in the classroom. I have a contact in Kathmandu that will collect the supplies.
I have started making a list of items that you might have at home and what we could use in the classroom. Cookie cutters, glue gun, one hole punch, ink bottles, ink pads, measuring tape,geometry set, childrens scissors, big scissors, staples, staplers, thumbtacks, buttons, beads, colored chalk, colored construction paper, cotton balls, decorative color items to glue, glitter, white paper, paper plates, ribbon, yarn, strips of fabric, wooden clothing pegs, food coloring, corn starch, tracing paper, liquid glue, superglue, wiggly eyes, sequins, stickers, tape, cut out face masks, craft magazine ideas/prints we can use (am making folders with prints and magazine page tear outs), any craft activities or craft books, pom poms, markers, paint brushes, feathers, origami paper or books, decoupage glue, craft foam, letter stickers, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, ice cream sticks, wooden shapes we can paint, finger paints, soap bubble mix and bubble blow sticks, crayons, colored cellophane, craft sets, glitter glue and pens, felt, felt shapes, fabric paint, stencils, pencils, childrens clay. 
Also the school asked for any type of simple board games, things like snakes and ladders, or puzzles,anything they can use for a game room. Also outside games for the children like balls, bats jumping ropes, etc.

If anybody could help it will be so much appreciated as this cannot be possible without your assistance. 

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