Monday, March 12, 2012

What is your dream?

I was wondering, how many of you had as a child written down what you wanted to be one day when you grow up. Put the written paper away and looked at it again one day when you were grown up to see what you wished for yourself. When I look back, I never had any vision of my future, of what I wanted to do when I grow up. I had no plan of what I wanted to be, move out and have a job. I was told by my father, woman marry and work at home. You have no reason to study. So I think my dreams ended there, or at least I allowed it to end there. But now my vision has changed, and my dream is for children to not believe those limitations. That they can write that dream down on a piece of paper, and make it real. Put it away and look at it every day.
Albert Einstein, said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”  
A big reason for me starting to write the blog was to put my dreams out there, not to be afraid to make it known, and not be scared if I am told it is not possible. It took me a lifetime to find who I am, to not limit myself to what I thought was true and hopefully give that gift to the children of Nepal.
For myself I have felt that once I speak the words I need to act on it, as I have always valued myself as somebody that lives by what she speaks. Before I started this project it took me a couple of years before I really vocalized it to anybody. As I knew, once I did, I needed to act on it. But putting myself out there for everybody to see has made me more committed. Don’t be silence about what you want for yourself as not speaking it, makes it only an idea and not a reality. Putting it into words makes it real, no matter how farfetched it may seem to others. I have been asked during my last trip what my vision was, what I wanted to do in the future with this project. It took me some time to get the idea into words, and when I spoke it, I knew that it was not just an idea anymore.

We would love have a place in Nepal where we can provide free art classes to children that cannot afford it any other way. I would call it a school, nothing big, just one or two rooms as I don’t want to create a big place where it becomes too much to manage. Provide these children with free materials and lessons on how to use different techniques, etc. Maybe even be able to provide scholarships for children to study further in that field. For rural children to have holiday programs for maybe one or two weeks. This is a long term goal, for now we are starting with art and craft classes at rural and government schools. I am hoping on this trip to be able to maybe start a few weekend workshops for children who are interested in art. So here I am putting it in writing, and in a couple of years I can come back to this post and see where I am.

Always remember though, that if it works out differently than you planned, don’t be discouraged as all plans are like liquid, you need to go with it. As you never know where it may take you. My idea might be completely different in a few years time or even by tomorrow (who knows), is that failure “No”, it is just making better plans or changing what I would like to do. And everything in life is a choice as each choice can change your path. It is for us to look at that dream each day and say, “How can I get there, what are the steps I need to take?” It may take years, but as they say, “When you are faced with two roads, and don’t know which one to take, take the difficult one. “

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