Saturday, July 28, 2012

Collecting art items and childrens books for art program

I had thought I would start a list, and I will probably add as the year goes on. Many of you have been asking me what you could bring when you come to Nepal. As you know we are collecting children’s books for the new reading room at the school. If you have any Nepali or English children's books it will be so much appreciated. I would love to add more books so that the children have a bigger variety to choose from.

I am also starting the collection for art supplies for this year. If you have any of these items stuck away in your drawers, it does not have to be new we would love to have them. We have a drop off point in Thamel, Kathmandu or I can provide you my mailing address if you are living in the USA. If anybody has a small space in their back packs to bring any of these items to add it would be so much appreciated. My goal is to supply all the children we work with, with free supplies as this is unaffordable for them.

I am looking for color paper, rope string, elastic string, cotton balls, liquid glue, superglue, wiggly eyes. staples, staplers, sequins, stickers, tape, cut out face masks, craft magazine ideas/prints we can use (am making folders with prints and magazine page tear outs),hole punchers, any craft activities or craft books, small pom poms, markers, paint brushes, anything colorful that we can glue, cut out shapes, feathers, Lego blocks, origami paper or books, decoupage glue, craft foam, ink pad, ink, letter stickers, buttons, pipe cleaners, sewing elastic, tissue paper, yarn, beads, lolly or ice cream sticks, wooden shapes we can paint, finger paints, soap bubble mix and bubble blow sticks, crayons, ribbon, colored cellophane, craft sets, wooden shapes to paint, paint brushes, cut out masks, glitter, glitter glue and pens, felt, felt shapes, fabric paint, stencils, paper plates, pencils, stencils to paint borders or pictures on the classroom walls.
Also the school asked for any type of simple board games, things like snakes and ladders, or puzzles,anything they can use for a game room. Also outside games for the children like balls, bats jumping ropes, etc.

I am so thankful to all that contributed last year with supply donations as we were able to work with so many children, because of your generosity. Thank you again so very much, and I hope we can meet in the future. Please email me at
         Thank you to CICA for a huge art supply donation on our December trip. Much appreciated.

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