Thursday, June 23, 2011

A library in the making!

Shreeju and Bernice with the Principal and Vice-Principal discussing the library.

Need to restore this if possible.
A couple of months ago when the idea of a library for the school was discussed I had only thought maybe we would have a few shelves and a few books for the children. And how that has changed! I am so thankful to everybody that has been collecting books and has donated them. We are still very much looking for anybody travelling to Nepal that might have space for a few children’s books in their luggage. Book by book we are building up a collection. We are looking for used books that are basic English, nothing too difficult for them to read. Shreeju, has with the help of her friend and Bernice and Joses started with the numbering and organizing of the books. She hopes to give each child a library card when we have it set up. If anybody would like to donate a few dollars to help her with purchasing the cards and making a numbering system for the books, it would be such a blessing. We are very much dependent on small donations as we do not ask any fees from the volunteers or use any of the donations for our overheads. The school has three cabinets that can lock that we are able to use. I have added a picture. As you can see these cabinets are not in very good shape. If there is anybody in Kathmandu that has a cabinet in their house that they do not use or of if there are any carpenters that can help us renovate these cabinets, do email me at I am so excited that the children will have the opportunity to read books and share the fairy tales and stories children all over the world reads. Thank you to everybody for making this dream become a bigger reality than what I had dreamt it could be.   

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